High Quality 3D Scanning

From simple forms to complex structures, we scan them all… quickly, accurately and reliably.


3D printing & Prototyping

3D printing allows for rapid prototyping, saving time and money. Customize parts with intricate designs and precise details. Scan-to-print services convert real objects into digital models. Choose from various materials for different applications. Fast turnaround times ensure you meet tight deadlines.


Reverse Engineering

Do you have an imported machine you would like to improve on or duplicate?


3D CAD Modelling

We use Solidworks to create products for moulds, prototypes, 3D printing, laser cutting,
CNC machining and more..


CAD Draughting

Need drawings for something being manufactured?
We do 2D production drawings, from concept to conclusion.


Let it begin with us.

We provide a 3D scanning service. This includes all products and artworks. Scans may be converted to 3D CAD models suitable for 3D printing, reverse engineering or manufacture.

3D scanning may be used for the creation of prosthetics, moulds, wood carved furniture, artwork, reverse engineering and re-manufacture of vintage or one-off items.

High Definition.

3D Scanning

At Redline-3D, we provide a 3D scanning service whereby we take real world objects and convert them into useful accurate 3D CAD models.

These 3D models can be used in a variety of ways, here are some popular uses:

Reverse Engineering

Parts of an existing vehicle or machine are scanned and the critical geometry is extracted by using the surface directly from the scanned file, a new CAD model is created and then 2D CAD drawings are made from which the parts may be manufactured using either conventional or CNC manufacturing methods.

3D Printing

Scanned items can be 3D printed as samples, prototypes or even as low volume production parts. Partnering with local 3D printers, we are able to assist you with sizes from 20mm up to several metres.


A boat hull and cabin is scanned and the 3D CAD file is used in ones existing CAD system as a basis from which to design accurate and close fitting interior cabinetry, piping systems and 3rd party equipment. This process may apply to vehicles, craft and buildings.


Items such as antiques, furniture, plant and equipment, products and vehicle spares are scanned and produced as 3D files with colour textures for use in an online catalogue. File size is small so objects load quickly.


An elaborate carving around an antique mirror is missing. The frame is then scanned, a new piece is created using a portion of the existing carving and inserted into the model of the frame to create a complete piece. The new piece is then 3D cnc machined, finished off by hand and glued into the frame resulting in a beautifully restored antique mirror.

Part Comparison

2 parts are scanned and compared digitally. The resultant deviation is shown in a colour map. Another method of demonstrating deviation is using dimensions taken directly off section lines of the scan models and compared dynamically for on the fly comparisons.


Objects such as sculptures, architecture or artefacts are scanned and moulds are produced with which new accurate items may be reproduced.


Kept safely as digital replicas.

So, how big can I go?

We can scan items as small as a 50c piece up to 5m x 5m.
Larger pieces can be done in 5m sections and rejoined,
stitched together to produce the life size CAD model.

And how accurate is it?

Small objects can be scanned to 100micron [0.100mm]
Larger objects can be as close as 50micron [0.050mm]

Want to learn more about 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering?

Want to learn more about our 3D Scanners?

Faster than modeling by hand.

Good turnaround times, even for complex, difficult forms that will be hard to model.

Accurate, hi-res geometry.

For 3D printing, game asset creation or even visual FX for film, we can customise the output.

Cost effective savings.

Free up your artists and get true, watertight geometry for a competitive price.

Let us scan for you now!

3D Scanning
3D Printing & Prototyping
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